Gift Giving Services Scholarship

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The Sigma Profile

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is a national, private, non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. A brotherhood of more than 200,000 predominately Black college educated men, the Fraternity currently has over 900 chapters located in the United States, England, Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), Germany, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas and the Republic of Korea. The major programs of the Fraternity are based upon the organization’s Three Principles of:

§ Brotherhood

§ Scholarship

§ Service

Three students at Howard University founded the Fraternity in 1914. These young men wanted to use their collective strength to promote academic excellence; to provide scholarships; to provide support to the underserved; educate and stimulate participation in the establishment of positive public policy; and to highlight issues and provide solutions for problems in their communities.


Gamma Gamma Sigma Chapter

In Broward County, five visionary members chartered Gamma Gamma Sigma Chapter with a commitment to make significant achievements in the communities of Broward County. To date, our membership continues to make important differences in the community at-large. Initiatives of our Chapter focus on our three principles and include a diverse range of projects such as: enrichment and enhancement of self-esteem building for youth, scholarships to further education, serving needs for the elderly, registering and transporting minorities to the polls to vote, and many other accomplishments that have proven viable to the progress of Broward County communities.


Scholarship Guidelines

Gift Giving Services, Inc. is offering a scholarship to a deserving male graduating high school senior. A one-time $1000 scholarship will be awarded. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic achievement, character, community service activities, extra-curricular activities and financial need. The following requirements must be completed for consideration of the scholarship.


Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:


1. Be a male student of African American descent graduating from a Broward County High School.


2. Have a Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on the transcript submitted at the time of application AND on the final transcript (a final transcript will be requested which must be signed by a school official with the official school seal in a sealed envelope).


3. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation with original signatures (letters may be from a school official, religious, or community leader) and full contact information of the writer.


4. Submit a 4×6 headshot photograph, applicant’s full name must be on the back of the photo.



5. Submit a completed typed application with photo to:


Gift Giving Services (GGS), Inc.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Attn: Scholarship Committee Chair

P.O. Box 26792

Tamarac, Florida 33320


Submissions must be received or post marked no later than APRIL 30TH, 2017.


6. Plan to attend a 2 or 4 year accredited college/university or technical/vocational school in the summer or fall of 2016 and provide proof of enrollment as a full-time student at or before the date that the scholarship is awarded.


7. Utilize the scholarship within one year of the notification of award or it will be forfeited. $700 will be sent to the school to be applied toward tuition and $300 will be provided to the student for supplies needed prior to enrollment. (Please note: If extenuating circumstances occur, the Chapter must be contacted immediately, but no later than one year after the notification of award. The Chapter will make a final decision of award.)



Selection Criteria:

Applicants will be selected as finalists based on their academic accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, and letters of reference and original essays. Finalists will be invited for a required interview with members of the Scholarship Committee. If selected for an interview, you will be notified of the exact date and time.